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Project: Baby Room

So we're obviously going backward here for a minute.  I wanted to document the process of turning our spare room into the nursery.  We ended up finishing the baby's room well before she was evicted and I'm still obsessed with how it turned out.  Emptying a room full of crap and completely renovating it while 7 months pregnant is no joke.  I painted this m f-er over the course of a week between Christmas and New Years.  The worst part was convincing my husband that the paint fumes would not kill me or our unborn child and that I still had the mental capacity to stand on a step-stool 2 feet off the ground.  The second worst part was painting the stripes.  Now, this room had stripes on the wall previously....nice teal and mocha stripes...on a different wall.  I think that I had blocked out what a pain in the ass stripes are to paint on a wall because in my mind it was super easy and would take zero time to do.  I should note here that I refused to let anyone help me when it came to the stripes - I am a serious perfectionist and truly just didn't trust anyone around me to follow instructions to my liking.

adventures in pumping

When you're pregnant you can expect an onslaught of advice.  Do this, not that. Eat this, not that. No caffeine.  Exercise, but not too excessively.  No alcohol or drugs.  So many rules...

Here's a little surprise for after you give birth - the advice doesn't stop.  It never stops.  You will be getting advice until you are either dead or deaf, at which point you won't care because you can't hear the advice anymore.